A passion that spans three generations

"There goes Fausto to his Bágeiras vineyard"

That's how the population of Fogueira named the project I created in 1989. Fausto was my paternal grandfather, whose vineyards I collected with others from my maternal grandfather to establish the first wine company in Bairrada in over 20 years. With the paramount support of my father Abel, 12 hectares of vineyard that until then produced wine sold in bulk were transformed into wines bottled with our brand. Another 16 hectares were later added to the original vineyard area, always in the best Bairrada terroir.

My belief was a simple one: I wanted the production of our wines to be accomplished through traditional methods, without ignoring the constant developments observed in the fields of viticulture and oenology. That is why, for example, all our grapes are handpicked, our red wines are produced in lagares without added yeasts and why our sparkling wines have no residual sugar. I believe quality means nothing without identity.

Therefore, we respect wine as it respects us and we always devote ourselves to it as a family, with a passion that has lasted for three generations.

Paternal grandfather Fausto

Paternal grandmother Maria

Maternal grandfather Armando

Maternal grandmother Maria dos Anjos