Our vineyards

Very old vineyards and more recent vineyards grown in the best Bairrada Terroir

Figueira da Costa

A new vineyard where we planted Baga which was acquired at public auction as an abandoned fallow land. There had been a vineyard there in the past.

Casal Pinhoso

A very old vineyard, facing south and in clay-limestone soil. It belonged to my maternal grandfather and, funnily enough, we don't know its exact age. The only thing we know is that grandfather said that "when I was 17 or 18 years-old and I pruned and staked there, the vineyard was already old". The majority of this plot grows Baga, although it has some white grape vines and a small percentage of different varieties.


A vineyard located in a lower and flatter area, with clay and sandy soil. It mostly produces white base wines for sparkling wine.


This is a vineyard with about 6 000 m2, facing south west, with clay-limestone soil. This is the vineyard from which Pai Abel tinto is produced and was bought in a trip to Lisbon with the oenologist Rui Moura Alves, who knew the previous owner. We ended up paying more than the asking price because we love the place so much. The Baga and Touriga Nacional varieties were planted there, mixed however, just like in an old vineyard.

Lagoa da Água

It is an essentially sandy plot, perfect for white grapes meant for sparkling wine production.

Lagoa da Estrada

Just like Lagoa da Água, it is a sandy plot where white grapes meant for our sparkling wines grow.


It is located in a flat and low area with clay-limestone soil which used to be a quarry. It is in this low area that the white grapes with which we produce Pai Abel Branco grow, since there are no issues regarding water stress.

Quinta das Pedreiras

It is a vineyard with 4 hectares, one of them with much older vines than the remaining ones. There is a steep slope in the most recent part, to a certain degree, where the Baga variety was planted and, in the same line, where the land becomes flatter and with less clay-limestone characteristics, we planted white grape vines. The land where the vines are older (centennial) is, for the most part, of the Baga variety.

A parte em que a vinha é mais velha (centenária) é, maioritariamente, de casta Baga.


Corga is the only vineyard meant for red wine in Fogueira, where Quinta das Bágeiras is located. It presents a clay-limestone soil and in the areas with steeper slopes Baga and Touriga Nacional are planted, meant for Colheita or Reserva red wine. In the flat areas we can find white grapes used for the production of still wine and a percentage of Baga used for the production of sparkling rosé. It is our biggest vineyard, with 8 hectares.


This vineyard has an area of approx. 7 000 m² and is located near the winery. Its soil is flat and clay-limestone, where the Bical variety grows for the production of still wine.


A vineyard with clay-limestone soil, with approx. 5 000 m² facing south west. This is where the Touriga Nacional variety grows, mostly meant for Reserva red wine.